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300+ Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Laura villalba & paty renda 


Starting on September 8th 2023

13 Weekends

Retreat included

About this training

Join us for this amazing journey of self growth as we gather for over 300 hours of shared knowledge and fun lessons. This is a complete course that offers a deep understanding of all yoga aspects, including teaching asana and also living yoga. During the 13 weekends plus retreat you will learn (and experience) about the history of yoga, yoga postures, AcroYoga,  Ayurveda and Medicinal herbs, meditation, healing sounds and much more. You will finish the course able to teach not only a regular class but also chair, kids and prenatal yoga as well as how to inspire your students to live a healthier life. You will also be a part of a weekend retreat in which you will immerse yourself into the experience of meditation, asana, sound and movement all while breathing the Blue Ridge mountains pure air. As a bonus, we also offer a full weekend of Reiki training and Sound Bath training all included within our program. 

We look into becoming the best of ourselves so we can truly serve our community not only as asana teachers but as wellbeing guides.


Key Benefits

To better ourselves by learning more about how the body and the mind work

To learn the correct alignment and modifications for the most common asanas practiced and in turn to be able to safely teach all kinds of bodies

To learn about an ancient philosophy that understands health from a mental, physical, energetic and social point.

To deepen self awareness and broaden your perspective.

To receive a new set of tools for optimal mental and physical health

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